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The Aviator

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Howard Hughes in his prime and his technical mastery of the medium reflecting his love for classical filmmaking.
The Aviator
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Even when he's using state-of-the-art digital trickery for the film's exciting flight scenes (including one of the most spectacular crashes ever filmed), Scorsese's meticulous attention to art direction and costume design suggests an impassioned pursuit of craftsmanship from a bygone era; every frame seems to glow with gilded detail. And while DiCaprio bears little physical resemblance to Hughes during the film's 20-year span (late 1920s to late '40s), he efficiently captures the eccentric millionaire's golden-boy essence, and his tragic descent into obsessive-compulsive seclusion. Bolstered by Cate Blanchett's uncannily accurate portrayal of Katharine Hepburn as Hughes' most beloved lover, The Aviator is easily Scorsese's most accessible film, inviting mainstream popularity without compromising Scorsese's artistic reputation. As compelling crowd-pleasers go, it's a class act from start to finish.

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SKU D009
Producer Warner Home Video
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Director Martin Scorsese search
Year 2007 search
Cast Leonardo DiCaprio, Cate Blanchett, Kate Beckinsale, John C. Reilly, Alec Baldwin
Language English, French, Portuguese, Spanish
Duration 170
Format Anamorphic, Color, Dolby, Subtitled, Widescreen
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Date Tuesday, 18 September 2018

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